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Custom & sustainable

No two individuals are the same, just like the desires and preferences in a unique home.

At NIDO, we understand this. This is why we consider working on realizing unique projects and fulfilling dreams an amazing challenge.

Choosing CLT as a building material is in fact particularly suitable for unique projects. This is not only because each CLT panel is unique, being a natural product with natural variations in every element, but also because it offers a wide range of possibilities both structurally and in terms of finishing.

Due to the panels’ significant structural strength resulting from being cross laminated, unique or ‘difficult’ shapes are often achievable without having to endlessly thicken the elements or add vast amounts of steel. This is perfect for one-of-a-kind projects with special shapes.

There are also countless finishing options. You can choose to leave the CLT untreated, apply a special coating or paint, or finish it with (clay) plaster. NIDO can guide you through all possibilities with CLT, assist you throughout the entire process from design to completion, and help you realize your dream home.

Design & Permits

A CLT home truly shines when the design takes all CLT’s strengths into account. This means that aspects such as installations, which are increasingly important, are properly considered during the design phase.

Combining CLT with other biobased construction materials can emphasize CLT’s positive aspects even more, such as moisture regulation and thermal mass, both of which influence the pleasant and healthy living climate in the home.

At NIDO, we believe it’s essential to think integratively about the entire CLT design. We have all the necessary expertise to partner with individuals throughout the entire design process, collaborating with either their chosen architect or one from our network.

Before construction can commence, the necessary permits must be obtained. NIDO has experience in applying for permits from various regional authorities and we would be happy to handle this on your behalf or guide you through the process.

Construction to Completion

Once all design drawings are ready, and all the necessary permits have been obtained, the most critical phase begins: the building of your dream home.

We can handle everything, from the initial groundwork while the CLT panels are still being produced in the factory, to completion after assembly and full installation and finishing. Since no two projects are the same, we can be flexible in deciding which aspects should or should not be part of our scope of work.

NIDO is a certified construction company, offering the necessary guarantees in addition to our demonstrated relevant knowledge and experience.


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