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CLT Engineering & assembly

As we at NIDO specialize in building with CLT, we also offer just the option of handling the engineering, supply, and assembly of CLT. This can be an attractive option for clients who prefer to handle more aspects of the construction themselves, or simply contract them out to third parties. It could also be attractive for construction companies that prefer to focus on their own specialties.

In addition to the CLT structure alone, we could also be responsible for the entire shell. This including windows, insulation, facade finishing and roofs including finishing. This way we would leave the interior finishing touches and (some) installation work for the client.

DIY with CLT

For many (do it your)self-builders, the actual support structure of the house is often a part they prefer to outsource. This isn’t surprising, as it usually involves large, heavy, specialized, and structural parts of the house, often requiring the use of a crane.

Choosing CLT as a construction material can be particularly appealing to these self-builders since the entire structure of CLT can be assembled within a few days. Opting for a CLT structure provides a significant advantage during installation work and finishing. This is because all openings for plumbing and electrical points are pre-fabricated in the factory, and everything is extremely dimensionally stable. Another advantage of CLT is that it can be used (in part) as visible work, reducing the effort required for cladding or finishing walls and ceilings.

Especially for self-builders interested in this option, NIDO offers the option where we only engineer, deliver and assemble the CLT and where you are fully guided through the possibilities of finishing the CLT structure. Also here, we can also incorporate additional elements such as a roof structure, windows, insulation, facade finishing, or other aspects into the construction process upon request.

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