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Design, Engineering & Consultation

At NIDO, we have experience in all phases of the construction process. Given our expertise in circular and biobased construction with CLT, we could assist and add value during every phase of a construction project.

Building with CLT offers many unique advantages and possibilities. For many parties, designing and building with CLT is still relatively new, leading to traditional thinking from the initial sketch. Unfortunately, this often results in suboptimal designs, complications, or additional adjustments later on. This is why we prefer to be involved as early as possible when planning to build with CLT.

NIDO can provide guidance throughout the entire design process, aiming to explore all the possibilities CLT has to offer, and integrate it into the design in the best possible way. We could help clients by providing architectural services, or simply collaborate with clients’ architects and design teams.

We can provide direct advice on the optimal application of CLT and address early on structural solutions considering aspects such as acoustics, building physics, strength, stability, and fire resistance. Early consideration of possible dimensions and thicknesses of panels in the design process is essential for optimization. Furthermore, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the aesthetic desires early in the design process because at least some parts of the CLT structure is often left exposed.

Once the design is complete, the engineering phase commences. For building with CLT, this is a specialized field, as CLT panels are prefabricated, requiring precise detailing down to the millimeter. During prefabrication, all millings for installations (ducts and slits), and cutouts for windows are made in the structural elements, synchronizing the coordination of the entire installation concept with the engineering of the CLT structure.

At NIDO, we have extensively gone through this engineering process and applied various installation concepts. Since theory doesn’t always align with practice in construction, we have gained practical experience during realization and the usage phase, which we incorporate into the preliminary engineering.


Construction preparation & execution

At NIDO, we can comprehensively support clients during the preparation and construction of their CLT construction project, from foundation to finishing.

We have an extensive network of partners with expertise in CLT, including structural engineers, CLT manufacturers, and subcontractors with practical experience on-site. Through our expertise and network, we ensure the project runs smoothly, within budget, and meets the set deadlines. As a Bouwgarant-certified construction company, we can provide necessary guarantees for our projects.

If a design is provided, after giving our feedback on possible improvements, we can provide clients with a budget and detailed schedule, taking into account the production and delivery times of CLT elements. Once all parties are satisfied, NIDO can handle the final engineering, delivery, and installation of CLT, coordinating the construction process down to the last finishing details as needed.