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Curious to find out if we could help you with a duplex housing project?

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Best of both worlds

The duplex home combines the benefits of a detached house with those of a semi-detached house. A duplex offers ample space and privacy, while sharing a thermal envelope for reduced heat loss, all at a lower cost and possibly fostering a sense of community.

In an era where land is becoming scarcer and more expensive, duplex homes represent a smart and efficient way to make the most out of available space.

We can assist individuals in realizing a unique and sustainable duplex according to their provided design or even support during the design phase, but at NIDO we have also developed our own concept for duplex homes called Symbiose.


NIDO’s Symbiose concept

The initial idea behind Symbiose homes was to create a duplex home that is as future-proof as possible. Future-proof in this case means both sustainably built, as well as adaptable for the residents’ changing needs over time.

A key aspect of Symbiose homes is the use of circular and biobased materials, including CLT for the structure. Besides the wood used for construction, Symbiose homes are always built with biobased insulation materials, such as wood fiber insulation.

Consequently, Symbiose homes offer an incredibly healthy indoor environment. These homes are constructed to be completely vapor-open, with the CLT structure and breathable wood fiber insulation ensuring moisture-regulating properties. The entire installation concept is designed to complement the wooden frame, providing cooling during hotter weather conditions as well.

Custom made

The finishing of Symbiose homes is entirely flexible and can be customized for each project, from exterior to interior. The home can be finished in various colors and materials such as thermally modified wood, bamboo, (circular) masonry, or plaster, depending on specific preferences or municipal requirements.

For the finishing of Symbiose homes, we prefer using materials that require limited maintenance, allowing residents to enjoy the home fully without having to put continuous effort and costs in keeping their home comfortable.

To make our homes as adaptable for the future as possible, we have designed an efficiently flexible layout for residents, including options for a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, and even a home office.

In the end, we value flexibility at NIDO, so our Symbiose concept could also merely serve as a starting point for your own unique ideas.


Want to know more about an already realized Symbiose project?

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