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In-house development of CLT housing

At NIDO, we engage in small-scale real estate development where the entire process is handled in-house, from purchasing the land and obtaining permits to delivering the finished product and handing over the keys.

For all our projects, the principles remain the same: circular, biobased, sustainable, healthy, and adaptable. All projects feature a main load-bearing structure made of CLT, complemented by biobased insulation material.

Project development in collaboration

Sustainability ambitions are becoming increasingly important in public tenders for project development, due to the growing awareness of the environmental and social impact of construction projects. This has led to the inclusion of sustainability criteria as an essential part of public tenders.

Municipalities, for example, set more requirements for energy efficiency, material usage, water management, waste management, or require specific sustainability certifications and measures with regards to other social aspects. Additionally, they can consider sustainability performance as a criterion for awarding contracts, giving priority to projects with higher sustainability levels during the selection process.

This encourages real estate developers to integrate sustainability into their design and execution of construction projects, contributing to a more sustainable built environment. At NIDO, due to our expertise in construction in a sustainable and circular fashion, we could add value by collaboration in development projects.