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Commercial buildings & offices from CLT

Business clients come in all shapes and sizes. There are project developers and construction professionals, but also companies simply aiming to make the excellent choice for a wooden office and/or commercial building.

NIDO could be your partner in realizing a CLT commercial building. In principle, we could be involved from the design phase to the completion of the building.

CLT housing concepts: serial and flexible

We can assist commercial clients in realizing serial housing concept. Besides all standard benefits that CLT has to offer, it is especially interesting for serial housing concepts because the time and costs associated with the extensive engineering involved in CLT projects are effectively spread out.

At NIDO, while trying to make the most of all advantages that prefabrication has to offer, we differentiate ourselves by not being bound to modular sizes. This way, we can always provide customized solutions and remain flexible in responding to specific requests from clients or even from legislative authorities.

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