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Who we are

NIDO consists of an innovative team of experts with an extensive network and intensive collaborations with architects, engineers, prefab factories, and assembly teams.

This enables us to efficiently realize unique homes made of CLT as a supplier, main contractor and/or project manager with a transparent and honest process where clients can be guided and relieved from A to Z.



Starting from a draft design based on the wishes of our clients, we pick up the engineering all the way until the final production drawings.

By investing early in the process in a good collaboration between the involved parties and utilizing innovations in prefabrication, many advantages arise during the execution phase (construction).

This approach results in shorter construction times, less construction waste, fewer transportation movements required, less local CO2 and nitrogen emissions, fewer mistakes made, and fewer hands physically needed at the construction site. Instead, more of the scarce skilled workers are employed in more pleasant and controlled conditions within the prefabrication production facilities.

From the preliminary design to execution and delivery, we pay extra attention to making the entire process transparent for clients, with clear communication and frequent moments of contact.


The traditional way of building poses many challenges in terms of CO2 emissions, construction waste, costs of failure, construction times, and even working conditions.

Moreover, a home is often the largest ‘product’ many people will ever buy, making it a very important and exciting decision. It is therefore strange to compromise on its quality or sustainability, when it may not always be necessary in terms of costs.

By realizing beautiful projects, we aim to provide tangible examples that demonstrate that revolutionary construction is already (financially) feasible today, adding more value for people and the environment.

The knowledge, working methods, and even the sustainable building materials already exist. Now is the time for the actual realization.

The process

We work very hard to distinguish ourselves by guiding our clients through a clear, smart, and pleasant process. From the initial drawing to handing over the key.


Discussing the idea and wishes, brainstorming, and mapping out the possibilities.

Design & engineering

Arriving at a final design and elaborating it into an executable plan including construction and production drawings for the prefab components.


The wooden CLT panels and other prefab components are produced in the factory according to the production drawings.


All prefab parts are efficiently and as lightly as possible packaged and transported to the construction site.


The construction of the complete shell takes place in a few days using a fast, light, and clean method. Subsequently, finishing takes place according to the schedule.


Handing over the key and a bottle of champagne.

The Team



van Andel



Visual Storyteller

Femke v/d Voort
(Fem Architects)


Allard Hoeijmakers


Originated from a shared passion

Nick and Clemens have been working closely together for more than 10 years, improving the sustainability of existing SME-buildings and private homes throughout the Netherlands.

With NIDO, they have decided to combine their strengths to internationally promote a new way of building, stemming from their shared passion for sustainability and their shared belief that the construction process can be much more efficient and pleasant.