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Building sustainable CLT homes

NIDO is a construction company specialized in building sustainable and biobased homes, using a solid wooden structure of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

Through expertise and focus on circular materials and innovation, we are revolutionizing the traditional building process. What used to be a typically complex, labor-intensive, and polluting process is now becoming a pleasant experience with a positive impact on our clients and the environment.

In addition to offering a total different experience throughout the design and construction process, our way of building provides numerous benefits when the homes are ready to be used: in terms of health, aesthetics, comfort, and maintenance costs.

Our approach to this new construction process is smart engineering, encouraging prefabrication when possible, utilizing the benefits of CLT (cross laminated timber), and maximizing the use of other circular products and processes.

We construct unique homes with a keen focus on aesthetics, therefore the design will not limited to fixed (modular) sizes. 

When choosing building materials, we always seek practical solutions that have the least negative, or even a positive, impact on the environment.

During the design and construction process, we pay extra attention to the living comfort and potential health effects on you, your family, and your surroundings. 

By advocating the use of prefabrication, the construction process becomes faster and cleaner, resulting in less waste and emissions on-site.


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